Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s 7/13 + 14


Lake trout action is still good to very good – with moments of excellence out of Dean’s Cove. Fish are both north and south of the launch in 40′ to 70’+ water. Bait is EVERYWHERE on Cayuga. This lake is so ridiculously full of bait it’s a joke. You can’t run down a shore for a minute without marking big schools of alewives.

Fished with Jessica and Greg on Thurs. morning. That was a riot – a lot of fun. It’s always great fun watching the gals outfish the guys! Jessica was “in the zone” and she landed a bunch of nice fish. Great morning bite – 7:30 till around 10:30 or so. Greg did what he could to salvage things and made the morning respectable! 😉 All in all a very fun outing. BTW, Greg lost what appeared to be a monster or at least very big smallmouth out in around 40′ of water south of Dean’s.

In the afternoon/evening I made up a cancellation from the previous day’s steady, heavy rain. Fished with Joe and again, great enjoyable day. I’m just thrilled meeting different people week by week. He got right into the zone as well and hooked a few nice lakers 1st. thing in the afternoon. Fishing stayed steady throughout the evening with enough action to stay with it. Evening fishing really picked up and it was picture perfect out there. We did a bit of running, but the best action was around Dean’s, with Rocky Dock and Long Point distant 2nds. for us.

Today was a 1/2 day with Pete and Todd from last year. They wanted to “fine-tune” their jig fishing and that’s what we tried to do. Best moment was a wild double of a 29″ and 28″ lake trout! Great fights and both fish were landed. These guys fish Owasco a lot, so these fish ended up being their personal best! We found lots of fish chasing, but they weren’t hitting super aggressively. Nice morning with 2 wild (unclipped) fish in the mix. We did have to move a lot to find good action. If you aren’t getting the action you want -MOVE! 🙂