Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 4/11


Got out for 1/2 day with Paul, Keith and Keith’s young son Noah. We had slow fishing to start, but we were grateful that the forecast heavy rains didn’t materialize. Noah had the first hit then Keith dropped a fish. Action was deep – in around 135′ to 150′. We checked shallower areas without any sign of fish. Water temps near Silos are still very cold. The calm lake gave way to a good southerly and fish started activating. Paul nailed the first couple fish and then Paul and Keith hooked up with a double, and Paul’s fish was an impressive 32″ hefty lake trout. It fought great and it took awhile before we were able to see the fish. All in all we had to work hard for our fish today, but our work paid off. A few other hits were missed. White flipping tubes did the trick.