Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 10/16


I got out for around 4 to 5 hours and checked on a bunch of stuff. I didn’t see any browns jumping off the mouth of Taughannock Creek, though they have been out there. Water temps are around 55 to 56. I tried a little laker jigging on the point – zippo. I went north and started marking a lot of fish north of Frontenac Point. There are a lot of DEEP lakers too – 110 to 160′ or so, the bait is deep too. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll break out the heavy jigs and heavy rods, but I wasn’t up for it yesterday. I had a hit or two and some follows in 90′ of water.

I shot down the lake checking out pike areas. I only hit a couple spots and the pleasant surprise was the smallmouth jerkbait bite. I hooked a couple fat pigs on my X-Rap. Rock solid hits and fights. Fish were off weededges in deep water – 20′ to 30′. I jigged up a tiny landlocked salmon and I caught one nice pickerel casting spinnerbaits in the south end of Cayuga. The potential for great fishing someday on this lake’s south end is enormous. I can only imagine what it could be if we had lush weedgrowth from side to side down by Ithaca. Pike, pickerel, perch, bass and bullheads historically provided great fishing – until the early 1900s. I’m seeing some nice weedbeds sprouting up, but there are still a lot of weedless zones. So I’m optimistic, but it’ll probably be awhile….