Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 4/22


Got out this AM with Jessica. We went searching for salmon and trout. We worked around Taughannock and I had a follow from a decent fish on a Rapala. Conditions looked great with the sun and light winds. We worked south and found decent numbers of fish on the lake’s south end. The “fishing” was fun, but the “catching” wasn’t great. I dropped a brown or salmon around 18″ on a fly fished on a sinking line. We had plenty of follows but few if any discernable “grabs”. Water temps are all over the map – from 39 lakewide to 58 in places on the south end and 46 or better off Taughannock. We did see a smelt or two floating around and word is some salmon stomach’s contain smelt. Are the smelt coming back on Cayuga Lake? Maybe a little bit. I’ll try checking on them, but for now I haven’t heard of any smelt revival.