Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 4/7


It was nice to see the sun out today for a change. Met Woody and Aaron at the boat launch at 8:30 and we were met by sunny calm conditions. Perfect for lake trout jigging this time of year. We motored north past AES and set up working 100′ to 160′ of water. Fishing was as good as I’ve ever seen it for lakers this time of year, with fish definitely on the feed. The guys had never done the technique before and wound-up landing 14 nice fish from 16″ to 27″ with most around 22″ to 24″. Fish were in very good condition with few lamprey scars. We had two fish come up with live small lampreys on them, but most were immaculate.

White tubes fished on 1+1/2oz jig heads did the trick. We spent a few hours casting for browns and salmon later in the day near Taughannock. Aaron landed a beautiful 22 1/2″ brown that fought like a salmon, jumping 3 or 4 times. A couple other hits were had but no confirmed salmon. Reports I’ve received suggest that fish are scattering a bit. It makes sense with all the run-off and weird weather we’ve had lately. Water temps were around 37/38 with warmer temps around creek mouths. We had 43 off the mouth of Taughannock Creek.