Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 8/16


Did a full day trip with David and Carol today. We met at 7 am, a little later than I’ve been starting lately so Carol could get some extra sleep. It was a picture perfect day with a nice light breeze and some sun to start. Fishing started out a bit slow and we tried a bunch of areas so I could see how far south lakers and bait had moved. We wound up fishing the same areas where I’d been taking people recently. Some hits were missed as Dave and Carol worked on getting the jigging technique down. Dave wound up nailing the first laker and while he was reeling in the fish, Carol hooked up! So we had a double. I landed Dave’s fish, then checked his line and jig and dropped it over the gunnel as I landed and took care of Carol’s fish. After landing Carol’s fish I looked over at Dave as I heard some splashing! He had a big silvery fish on right by the boat – thrashing by the surface. It got off. What happened was that as Dave went to grab his rod, the fish was already on! It had hit the jig as it dangled overboard! I see something new just about everyday!

Dave landed another nice laker. On the east shore Dave lost a beautiful LL Salmon around 22″. Carol managed to land a nice laker as well, that had a lamprey on it (Check out “Tips/Articles” under “The Fishing” to read more about that lamprey!) All in all a successful day though we had quite a few missed opportunities. Jigging can be tough to learn when the fish are hitting on bottom and subtlely. If you’re only catching fish on the retrieve, there’s a good chance you’re missing a lot of hits.