Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 8/7 + 8/8


Lake trout fishing on Cayuga has been somewhat tougher for us over the past couple days. On 8/7 I was out with Bob and John and the weather conditions were somewhat threatening and overcast throughout the day. They landed 3 nice fish: A 28″, a 29″ and an 18″ fish. Bob dropped a beauty as well. Other fish were missed or hooked momentarily. Fish were south of Sheldrake throughout Kidders and Rocky Dock. 65′ to 85′ of water was best.

Today I was out with Joe and the fish were pretty inactive until around 8:45am. Then they started chasing jigs. Only problem was the building winds and subsequent waves. Winds were forecast to be around 10mph out of the north. By noon they were gusting over 20 mph and sustained around 17! It looked more like “Cayuga Ocean” out there! Seneca must have been ridiculous. Joe did a nice job and was very perserverent. He landed a couple nice fish including one wild beauty around 26″.

One fish was loaded with bait, the other one didn’t appear to have fed lately. Very few fish have showed up around Taughannock/Frontenac, though bait is around. I’m hoping within 2 weeks the fish will start feeding heavily again in anticipation of the spawn. Time will tell…