Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 10/14


Guided Steve and his wife Val today for a 1/2 day AM trip starting around 8 am. Action was the attraction today and the pickerel didn't disappoint. They nabbed around 12 to 14 fish on spoons and senkos. One bass and perch were also landed. Water temps were around 62 to 63. All the pickerel ran 17" to 19". As water temps decrease, we should see better action on larger fish as well as perch.

After the trip I did some exploring of deeper water with a jigging spoon and managed to find a school of drum! I landed a couple fish up to 26". Great fights! My smaller (18" to 20") drum was one of the prettiest fish I've seen come out of freshwater. Most drum have a duller whitish look to them or bronze color. This fish was a gorgeous silver. Just beautiful.