Cayuga Lake Wed. 6/7 + Keuka Lake Thurs.6/8


Got out on Cayuga to check on laker activity. I did a lot of cruising and a bit of fishing as well. Laker are basically scattered all over the place on Cayuga, from the Silos area down to Dean’s Cove, and across to Long Point and down to Sheldrake. The only decent fishing I had was at Sheldrake where I landed a couple nice fish. There were large schools of bait south of the point in around 95′ to 110′ of water. You’d think it was late April! The water is warm in shallow but it appears as though the bait hasn’t found the warm stuff. I expect this to change shortly. Expect fishing to pick up substantially on Cayuga over the next week or two!

Keuka is a different story. I guided Kathy and Dan (who were with me last May on Seneca). We had terrific lake trout action this morning on the Branchport Arm of the lake. They landed their limit within an hour and a half. Fish were typical 18″ to 22″ Keuka lake trout. A few of the fish had some very large alewives in their stomachs, but baitfish are scarce overall in Keuka Lake – though the condition of the lakers is good.

I spent the afternoon and early evening exploring the lake a bit for bass and lake trout areas. I found some scattered bass and quite a few areas holding lake trout. Keuka is a deceivingly large lake with an amazing amount of structure – almost like a TVA reservoir. Points and creeks galore! Tiring but productive day. I’ll be out on this lake a lot over the next week and I’m looking forward to it! Water temps are close to 64 on the surface.