Cayuga out of Dean’s 5/9


Guided Chris and Rick for the day on Cayuga. Lake trout action was very spotty. We had a short 1/2 hour window of action in the morning with Chris boating a nice 29″ fish and a few others being missed/dropped. We marked scattered fish, including suspended ones but they just didn’t want to activate. We headed north and had some superb pickerel action. They certainly can be a nice break from the deep water probing. A bonus bass was caught as well. Tons of nice bluegills and sunfish and a few perch are around for the panfish aficionado.

We tried more lake trout fishing after an hour or so of warmwater fishing. We tried a lot of different areas and only had a couple hits and one dropped fish. We had moments of semi-aggressive fish chasing, but not many. Millican is producing a few small trout/salmon and Rick managed to catch a sub-legal landlocked salmon there.

I partly blame the poor fishing on the steady, sunny calm weather. The south winds have kept cool water near the Silo/Crescent area. It’s hard to figure out why the action wasn’t better, at least in the depths. Baitfish still haven’t moved in yet. We marked very little bait anywhere. The large schools of bait are still deep. Chris’s fish had a full stomach of alewives in it. I don’t see this slow action continuing for long. This warm weather should start moving bait in soon, and the lakers will follow!