Cayuga out of Dean’s 6/11


Started the day at 8:30 am with Michele, John and Tim. We did a full-day jigging and the fishing started out slow, but within 2 hours the bites came steadily. Around 1/2 dozen nice fish were landed up to almost 10lbs. The fish are FAT with 28″ lakers weighing in at 8lbs and fish gaining about 1lb. an inch. I used my Berkely TEC scale – which is accurate to 1/10th of an ounce today. Fish are stuffed with bait. We even found an old plastic worm in one of the fishes stomachs! We jigged fish in 30′ to 65′ or so today and we marked active fish in at least 90′ of water. We had a follow from a big rainbow or brown too. Michele had the hot land today landing 3 or 4 nice fish. John lost a bunch and missed quite a few, but he did manage to land the 10lb lunker of the day. Tim nailed a couple nice lakers as well. Our fish came within a mile or so of the Dean’s launch. Gar are reportedly active on Cayuga Lake for those interested. Bass are also hitting, as are pickerel and perch. Water temps on the surface reached over 62 today off Dean’s and are well into the 70s on the north end.