Cayuga out of Dean’s 6/23 PM


Did a 1/2-day evening guide trip with Jaimie and Joe. I warned them in advance about the potentially difficult day we might be in store for due to Friday’s strong northwinds. (Surface temps dropped down to the upper 50s/low 60s.) However this was their only good opportunity to get out for awhile, so we went for it. Fishing was tougher than what we experienced early in the week. However within a 1/2 hour of starting Jaimie nailed a nice lake trout around 27″ long! So that was a good start. I spent a lot of time motoring around searching for bait/fish on the fishfinder. Didn’t see much. As the winds diminished the bite picked up a little bit. They guys had a few good hits but we just couldn’t connect. Bait moved in a bit as the sun started going down. This week’s stable weather should get this bite back on track! Expect good to great fishing.