Cayuga out of Dean’s 6/6


Guided Deborah and her mom Katherine for lakers today. It was my first “all gal” trip and we had a lot of fun. I was prepared for a tough day given how spotty the laker fishing had been lately, but I was figuring that the warm weather we’ve had combined with some north winds would slide some warm water into the depths of Cayuga Lake from the north end. It’s a theory anyways… 😉

As we motored out of Dean’s heading north it didn’t take long to mark plenty of bait with active looking “hooks” in water as shallow as 30′ out to around 45′. We set up and within about 15 minutes Deb had the first fish of the day! It was around 24″ and had a live lamprey on it. More fish came in fairly short order and we wound up landing and releasing 5 nice fish up to 27″. Other fish were surely missed and one good one was lost. One fish was unclipped and had some nice colors. 2 fish had live lampreys attached to them. Fish are all along the west shore. We never even went to the east shore. This is the first shallow fishing I’ve seen this season that’s been reminiscent of anything we’ve seen over the past few years. So I believe the lakers have finally set up! Anything’s possible, but I think it’s for real this time! H2O on top is 62.