Cayuga out of Dean’s 7/15


Fished the 2nd. day of the Red Cross tourney with Mark D. We started very early (before 5 am) and worked a few areas on both sides of the lake. The bite for us was very slow this morning with very few fish marked and few hits. The first fish of the day felt big and weird and I’d actually snagged a lamprey eel that was attached to a fish! The fish had 2 eels on it total. The lamprey never let go! Strange. I caught a couple other fish and that was about it. Mark had a trout of some kind (not a laker) chase up a jig in deep water. It was around 20″, but after a quick bump it never came back except for a quick splash nearby. We quit around 1:45 pm. The wind was up and the fish didn’t seem too cooperative. I have a full slate of guide trips this week, and I needed some rest. Tough tourney for us this year – we just didn’t hook/land enough fish to be able to get a big one. The needed 30″ + fish are probably “1 in 50” or “1 in 25” catches depending on various factors – like presentation etc. Bass fishers I talked to reported very good largemouth fishing on Sat. and slow action today (Sunday).