Cayuga out of Dean’s 7/19


Did a full day with Greg. The weather looked like it might be horrid as we got underway, but the heaviest rains and wind didn’t materialize for awhile. We worked our way south until we got to an area that a friend of mine had been doing well at. Plenty of lakers were around and moving for Greg’s jig. The fish weren’t super-aggressive with the heavy skies, but Greg managed a couple fish in fairly short order. Greg dropped a couple big fish – just some bad luck and light hook setting IMO. Either way, he was having a ball. One of the highlights of the morning was watching a 24″ rainbow follow up Greg’s jig to the surface, then hover around for a moment. He also had a smaller rainbow take a swipe at a jig. Around noon the sun tried to poke through and the fish’s aggressiveness rose to the occasion. That’s when we had some good action from chasers. We did mark occasional “pods” of 3 to 4 lakers – that kind of “picture” virtually guaranteed a hookup. Plenty of bait is around yet on Cayuga Lake. Lakers are concentrated in mid-lake areas. Fishing/boating pressure was pretty much nil today. Lakers ranged from 65′ to 100′ of water or more.