Cayuga out of Dean’s 7/26


Went “gar-hunting” today on Cayuga Lake. Started out with a little laker jigging around 1pm just off Dean’s. Dropped one fish and missed a couple hits in short-order. The thermocline is moving out deeper and my action was in around 65′ to 80′. Headed north and checked out some of the usual gar spots. The first area I checked held a large school of decent fish. I must have just missed the bite, because I “hooked up” within around 5 minutes with a 37″ fish. After that I had a couple follows, also from decent fish and that was about it. The fish were breaking pretty good, but just not aggressive.

I worked some areas on the east shore of the lake and tormented some gar with my Zoom Buzz-Frog. Didn’t get any bass, except for a dink on a spinnerbait. Had a couple pickerel as well. I worked bass for a few hours with cranks and jigs without any hits. Weeds are up all over, both milfoil and coontail plus plenty of grassy stuff.

Finished off the evening looking for one laker for supper. I caught him right off Dean’s cove in around 70′ to 80′ of water on a new Powerbait jerkshad. Water temps are in the low 80s.