Cayuga out of Dean’s Cove 4/16


Guided 1/2 day with Martin and his two sons John (6th grade) and Jasper (4th grade). The lake trout bite was tough this AM at 9am when we started. We marked fish but they weren’t moving for the jigs. Marked bait too. John had a couple momentary grabs. The guys fished hard for awhile and we decided to head north to at least get some action. We went looking for bass and it didn’t take long for John to catch a nice chunky largemouth. Pickerel were also abundant and we had hits and follows from perch. We did more laker fishing and found fish and bait had moved up to around 120′ and shallower. By the end of the trip the guys knew what they’d have to do to catch lakers on jigs. It felt great to be out on such a beautiful day.