Cayuga out of Dean’s Cove 5/3


Started out around 10:30 am with my buddy Willy. We checked the depths for some lakers. We marked fish but they weren’t too active. Not sure why. The water conditions were very calm and the sun was high, so that may have been a factor. We each had light hits and Willy hooked one fish in around 160′ of water. Fish are all over from 50′ to probably over 160′. We spent a couple hours lake trout fishing then went for some big carp with the fly-rods.

We fished hard for carp for around 4 to 5 hours. We landed 2 nice fish that whacked our flies. One was 18lbs. and one was 24lbs! We weighed them on Willy’s boga-grip scale, so the weights should be accurate. The 24lb. fish was 37″ long – which means my Seneca carp was probably around 22lbs. It’s hard to guesstimate these fish when they get so big. Great battles and we were lucky not to break any of our tackle. We also had sunfish, bluegills, perch and bass hitting our carp flies. Those pesky smallmouths! 😉 We checked on lakers again in the evening and they still weren’t hitting well, but they are all over the place. Expect laker fishing to be very good in the upcoming weeks! Water temps vary from around 42 to 59.