Cayuga out of Taughannock 1/29


Went out with my buddy Phil today for some pike fishing. Water level on Cayuga is high and temps vary from 37 (at the south end) up to around 39. Overcast/rainy conditions. Water clarity was fair, 2 to 3′ visibility. We took two passes through one area and ended up hooking 5 fish and landing 4 between the two of us. Fish were lethargic and my two fish hit as my fly was sinking. The size of the fish were impressive! I landed and released a 40″ beauty – probably around 15 lbs. Other fish were all over 30″. We tried different areas and I’m positive we could have landed more fish had we stayed in our “hotspot”, but I do like to see what’s going on. There wasn’t much else happening… 😉 We fished hard for most of the day.

There was a bit of action with birds and bait around the south end of the lake. Lots of gulls milling around. Trout fishermen were off the lake by the time we got back in, so they either limited out or the fishing was slow. Word is the fishing is still slow for trout/salmon. Once we get some steady north or south winds I’ll be out for salmon. There’s bait around….

I just don’t get the impression that there are a lot of salmon/browns out there that are legal-sized. Good numbers of smaller sub-legal fish have been taken over the past months, so hopefully we’ll see some decent numbers of legal fish showing up this spring.