Cayuga out of Taughannock 1/3


Well I was pleasantly surprised by some very good lake trout jigging action today just north of Millican Station. I fished from noon to 5 pm. The vast flats up there are currently harboring good numbers of lake trout. I fished 80′ to 100′ of water today and landed 4 nice fish in about 2 hours. Fish ran from 20″ up to 29″. The 29″ fish was a wild beauty – colorful fins and well-proportioned, and I released him to fight again. I lost a couple others and missed quite a few short hits.

I was a little disappointed to see some fresh lamprey scars on a couple of the fish. Wounding in general isn’t bad at all on Cayuga Lake but these Millican fish seem to be getting hit more than usual. My 2 fish I hooked there the other day also had fresh wounds. Overall the fish were in excellent condition.

Shore anglers are still scoring on trout and salmon at Millican. The fish are running around 15″ to 19″. Get there early – over the past week there’s been at least 4 guys there every time I’ve been out. Water temps over there are up to 55 degrees. Cayuga’s main lake is at 43. Bait is down around 120′ to 150′ lake wide.

Thus far I’ve been impressed with my new jigging rods. I bought 4 nice Fenwicks – 2 HMGs and 2 HMXs. They are very light and crisp with great sensitivity. Great feel “ergonomically”. I’ve also been testing some new reels – Quantum Accurists and some low profile ABUs. All feature flipping switches and smooth drags. Lines have been Spiderwire XXX and Berkely Fireline. Good results all the way around. We’ll see how they hold up to the rigors of a full-season out on the lakes. Those of you who like to jig lakers (and who doesn’t?) will notice a difference out on the water this season.