Cayuga out of Taughannock 1/7


Got out at 10:30 am with my buddy Eric. Things looked good for lakers from the get-go with calm conditions and sun. We shot north to Millican (AES) and started jigging. Eric had the hot hand using tube jigs and landed a couple nice fish – a 30″ and a 27″. I missed 2 good hits/fish, but couldn’t hook up. Fish were around but not very aggressive. Fishing slowed as the wind picked up and it clouded up – but it never was great. We tried AES for a little while, but never got a hit. It had gotten pounded pretty good with shore anglers and boaters, so we didn’t give it long. Tried other areas further south and Eric landed a 13″ laker. That was it on the day. An hour of fly-fishing for pike didn’t produce anything, but by that time the wind was up pretty good. Water temps keep hovering around 43. The next week or two should get the lake temps more towards a usual wintery 40 and less.

Eric with a nice laker caught on a tube jig deep!

Another good laker for Eric!