Cayuga out of Taughannock 10/2


It was a beautiful day for fishing out there today, but not for “catching”. I fished on my own, starting at around 9:30 am. The first thing I noticed was how deep the lakers seem to be. The majority of fish and bait I marked today was from around 110′ to 140′. The only action on lakers I had today was a little burst around 11 am on the east shore across from Taughannock in around 95′ of water. I landed a small male around 21″ (tasted great!). I missed a couple other hits in short order. I did a bit of casting hoping for bass and pike and couldn’t buy a hit! I don’t know what the deal was – even the perch and rockbass seemed inactive. Perch are hitting in around 15′ to 25′ of water – I did see a few boats out targeting them, and they were catching fish. I blame a lot of the poor fishing today on the bluebird type of day. Very little wind and high sun. I’ll be out next week checking on bass and pike again during better conditions. H20 is 60 on the surface. Pike/bass action should pick up as water temps plunge into the 50s.

Propagation netting has started at Taughannock Point and the crew from the Bath hatchery has set gill nets all around the park. Shore action seemed alright today and I saw some fish on stringers. The fish are in full-spawning mode; they have their dark colorswith white-tipped fins.