Cayuga out of Taughannock 10/8


I should have known when I stepped out on my porch at 7:00am and one of the steps slid out from under me – and I fell a couple feet – that today would be a tough day. Guide trip with Andy and Ron today and the fishing was the toughest for lakers I’ve seen since the early spring. Propagation netting was STILL going on at Taughannock. Tough to be successful at Taughannock with the gill-nets all over the point! This is the 3rd. day in a row they’ve been doing it, so maybe they didn’t get enough eggs before. I certainly don’t have any problems with the netting. It’s the #1 priority this time of the year, especially for us laker fans.

Conditions were pretty miserable with north winds around 12 to 14mph and some rain. Fish just seemed absent. We checked areas north and south of Taughannock and as far south as the Yacht Club. Bait has seriously moved up in many areas, which was good to see. Lake trout marks were rare. I marked a few fish across the lake from Taughannock. We had one chaser there and a few marks. North of Taughannock we might have had a hit or two, but nothing solid. Some marks there as well. A few around the point too.

No fish were hooked today. I think the wind switch has just unsettled things a bit. We’ll see. If the fishing doesn’t settle out and pick up a bit for lakers on Cayuga, most of my lake trout guiding will be on Keuka and Owasco for the remainder of the month. I don’t guarantee fish on guide trips, but Andy and Ron’s next trip will be on me if they don’t score. They put out a big A+ for effort and the conditions were just very tough….