Cayuga out of Taughannock 12/23 + 12/25


Finally, a break in the weather. I managed to get out for a few short hours on 12/23 and all day on Christmas. While most sane people were home with family, someone had to check on the fishing 😉 I wasn’t able to find much out on Friday. The lake level is dropping and water temps are around 40. I checked a spot or two for salmon and pike with no action.

Christmas Day started slow. My buddy Eric and myself checked some areas on the east shore that I don’t often fish hoping to score some salmon or browns. Never had a hit. Eric missed a grab at Millican, but we don’t know what it was. We spent around an hour looking for lakers. Marked some good fish just north of Millican in 70′ to 100′ of water. We had a follow or two on the jigs, but then the rain started falling and I figured we could do better on salmon or pike.

The winds weren’t conducive to salmon fishing so pike it was. We had some terrific pike action on the fly-rods in the southern portions of the lake. Nice fish – all around 32″ to 34″. Things have cleared and stabilized after all the nasty weather a few weeks back. Had one largemouth bass around 2.5lbs. follow my fly and I caught a pickerel as well. The weather got rainy but the wind stayed down.