Cayuga out of Taughannock 12/31


Is there a better way to end the year 2006 than to go fishing? Not here there isn’t! I shot out onto Cayuga Lake for a few hours to see what was going on. I was out of town for a week and hadn’t done any laker fishing in a while. I’ve got some new rods and reels to try out so off I went.

I worked the flats north of Millican Station. The lake was pretty rough and feeling the bottom was difficult. I did the best I could and hooked a really nice fish. I lost it up near the surface as it thrashed around. I wound up missing some good hits then finally landed a nice laker around 27″. Fish were in 80′ to 110′ of water. A few casts around Millican on the way back produced some good hits and a decent brown around 16″. The power plant was crowded when I first passed by it around 1 pm, but then the people cleared. H2O was 43. Lake level is low -average winter level. Launching was not a problem.