Cayuga out of Taughannock 4/23


Got out for a few mid-morning hours with Jessica and tried to check on lakers. There wasn’t enough wind for my taste re: salmon/browns but we tried anyways for an hour or so with no action. Water temps are coming up and from Taughannock on north we had temps varying from 40 on up to 46. We marked fair numbers of lakers on both shorelines. Fish ranged from around 100′ and deeper. Bait was from 150′ to 250′ where we looked. I picked up a 14″ rainbow trout at AES and that was it. No great shakes out there. The threatening skies didn’t help our laker bite any and the lack of wind hurt our salmon fishing. We’re checking on Owasco tomorrow for some smallmouth bass. Hope to get out on Canandaigua, Keuka and Sodus Bay soon. Skaneateles will certainly be in the cards as well!