Cayuga out of Taughannock 5/4


Got out today to check on things on “the home front”. Started around 2:30 pm and fly-fished around Taughannock Point. I’m pretty sure I had a hit or two, but nothing special. I worked once around the park. Water temps on the lake range from 39 to 47. Millican was slow. Very little warm water is being discharged. Nobody was there fishing which was odd. The powerplant has been producing some good fish lately including browns, rainbows and salmon. The flats north of Millican have good numbers of lake trout. I landed one in 85′ of water. Fish still aren’t very active. I marked fish from around 85′ to 160′.

When I got back to the boat launch I met another angler who’d just pulled in after trolling south of Taughannock. He had landed 2 nice 18″ to 19″ browns (FAT!) and one decent salmon. He gave me a couple of the fish and I took them home and cleaned them. The brown had a perch and alewife in it, and the salmon had 4 or 5 smelt in it. He’d caught the fish trolling about 6′ below the surface. Nice to see some smelt around as well as some salmon!