Cayuga out of Taughannock 8/16


Interesting day on Cayuga. I met Mike and his wife Melanie at the launch at 6 am and I was very optimistic regarding our chances. A mild cold front had blown in yesterday and a stronger one was forecast to move in tonight. Usually that means “good fishing”. But we busted our butts in the morning without much to show at all. Lots of bait but few active fish. Then the wind started blowing and the lake began whitecapping -things weren’t looking that good. We tucked in behind Taughannock Point and Mike missed a couple nice suspended fish (probably bass.) Then he got a nice laker on the retrieve. Fish turned on around noon! Better late than never. Over the next 2 hours we had decent action. Melanie landed a couple nice fish including a 30″ wild beauty that we released. Mike picked up another as well. We wrapped up around 2 pm. The sun was getting to Melanie and she probably wasn’t going to top her 9lb+ fish. In the end perseverance paid off and Mike’s unwavering attitude made the difference – he felt positive about everything from the get-go, fished hard and long and things paid off. Fishing is a great teaching tool – I’ve learned a lot regarding perseverance and luck while out on the water. Great day and a lot of fun.