Cayuga out of Taughannock 8/25


I can’t see any reason to fish anywhere else right now! Cayuga has just been fantastic. Today I got out around 11:30 am and shot north of the point. I was just messing around chatting with my friend Alec for awhile. He took off to try catching some drum and I started jigging. As I cranked my jig up about 1/2 way or more I had a strange sort of hit. Figured it was a laker and cranked the fish up – I saw some silver and momentarily thought it was a drum – then my vision cleared and I could see it was a big rainbow! The fish took off wildly like a steelhead. I had to push my free spool button, press down and keep my fingers crossed! After a few more runs and a couple missed attempts with the net I finally landed the fish – 28″ and 8 to 9lbs! We took a few shots but had the fish out of the water for awhile so I kept it. Nothing in its stomach. The fish could feed 5 to 6 people!

I did some bass fishing and landed 18″ and 19″ largemouths. Caught a lot of smallies too, up to around 17″ – but most were 13″ to 14″. The bass habitat keeps changing on this lake. I fished areas that were loaded with lush coontail beds last year and just found junk weeds. I did locate some coontail but it was scattered. I keep thinking the largemouths are just moving further and further south. Awesome day!