Cayuga out of Taughannock 8/29


Today I started with Stan and Willy at 7 am. These guys don’t fish much and made it clear to me that they were just out to enjoy themselves and any action would be a bonus. That’s fine with me! I was explaining the techniques as we pulled out of Taughannock and headed north on the west shore. For the heck of it, I decided to show them how the electronics could track a jig. When I dropped the jig (in an area I haven’t fished much in about 10 years) 2 fish shot up for it and I wound up with a nice laker! I thought we’d be in for some easy fishing, but it wasn’t to be. The guys both missed some good hits,and eventually fish were hooked and some landed. No great shakes today, but some of that was the late start and just learning the technique. They each landed a couple nice fish and Willy had a nice rainbow follow him up after hitting his jig!

After the trip I did a little exploring and landed a small laker south of the park. It was hot out and I quit around 2:30pm. Cayuga is such a monster fishery. I just can’t believe how much bait is in this lake after being on Canandaigua. I also can’t believe the size of these fish after seeing the 22″ to 25″ fish on Owasco. Cayuga really rules the roost on lakers! Again, best action was from around 70′ to 85′ and deeper. There are plenty of fish in upwards of 110′ of water.