Cayuga out of Taughannock 9/3


Ed had been contacting me on and off for quite some time re: a trip and I had a msg. on my answering machine on Sunday when I got in. So we did a half-day today. I’d seen him working hard trolling over the past couple days. We hit the weather/bite perfectly today and he saw how good things could be. Fish were super-active in around 85′ to 90′ of water on Cayuga’s east shore. Action was terrific with 3 to 5 fish routinely chasing Ed’s jig on numerous drops. He landed a bunch of fish and we decided to do a little deep water exploring. Both of us are interested in what’s all going on in the lake rather than “how many fish can we boat”, so we worked some suspended bait and fish just to see what would happen. The time to check on these things is when fish are active and biting, not necessarily when things are slow. We wound up the trip at Taughannock where Ed filled out his limit. DEC officers checked our boat near the park and we headed in. Ed’s a fan of this website and the fishing reports – it’s always nice to meet people that enjoy the effort that goes into maintaining these reports. I always tell people – these reports are what I experience, not “what is”. Take them as one angler’s findings.