Cayuga/Taughannock 1/9


The winds were looking pretty unpredictable today so to Cayuga I went. Enjoyable day out there with some good pike fishing. The winds were non-existent when I got out which is a rarity in the winter. I spent some time working a shoreline I’ve never done well on and had a follow near some deep water. Looked like a brown trout or maybe a smallmouth. Hit some other areas and I managed to pick up a few big pike. Got one around 35″, a 34″ and dropped a 30″ fish. I’m learning a lot about the pike movements on Cayuga and how the northerns are relating to the various winds, water temps, cloud cover and bait.

The pike are fighting great! It’s been a lot of fun. I checked out the lower end of Cayuga Lake and saw some bass plus a huge scattered school of goldfish and koi! A lot of people must tire of these “pets” after a while 😉 Water temps are still hovering around 40 degrees.

Just south of Taughannock in around 200′ of water I marked some large schools of bait. A few other “hooks” were around as well. I’m hoping some salmon and trout will be moving in shortly. A couple day northerly blow will certainly help. Good to see the bait around and there’s no reason we shouldn’t have a great salmon season.