Cayuga/Taughannock 6/15


Did a search around the Taughannock area for some lake trout. The lake was pretty darn rough when I got out around 1 pm. Bait is moving in all over the place, mostly up in the top portion of the water columns. I worked a bunch of areas and caught a couple fish: a 16″ laker on the east shore south of Portland Point and a 26″ hefty fish near Crowbar Point. My money for the best action is still on the Sheldrake/Kidders area. Trollers appear to be doing pretty well around Taughannock for lakers. There are decent numbers of fish in the southern portions of the lake, but they seem a bit scattered. The thermocline appears to be forming. Stability is here – at least for now! I fished pike for an hour or two without any action. That’s the biggest mystery of the spring for me! Water level is high, temps around 62.