Cayuga/Taughannock 6/21


Terrific lake trout action was the rule this morning. We started at 5:20 am and the fishing got going within about 20 minutes of our arrival. Lisa and Duncan (from Monday’s trip) landed around 13 nice fish between 5 and 8lbs. Most action was between 5:45 and 9:30am with fish hitting throughout the day, though it slowed pretty well by 2pm. Duncan also caught a decent smallmouth when we took a break.

Fish were north of Millican in 65′ to 105′ of water. We also had good action near Kidders. Bait is all over the place. Look for deeper bait! Surface temps are around 62. Lisa and Duncan didn’t mess around when hooking fish! They really torqued on them pushing the tackle to the limit. It looked like a lot of fun. Fish were in very good to excellent condition and we had a few unclipped (wild?) ones.

Interesting note: Lisa’s grandfather was possibly the biggest fishing fanatic Cayuga Lake has ever known. He fished nearly every day until he passed away and was possibly the first person to catch a sturgeon there on hook and line in 1961. I have the article from “Outdoor Life” magazine and may post it eventually. He was fishing a dead smelt on bottom for trout near Myers! The fish was over 5′ long. Cool stuff!