Cayuga/Taughannock 8/23 + 8/24


Fishing remains very good to excellent around the Taughannock Park area of Cayuga and north. On 8/23 I did a full day trip with Jim and Ron. We did Keuka a month ago and I told them that Cayuga would be worth their while, so off we went. The wind whipped pretty good out of the south so we had to pick and choose our fishing areas. Lake trout action was steady throughout the day. No great shakes in the morning, but we had bursts of decent action throughout the day. Highpoint of the day was “Leroy Brown’s” (Ron’s new nickname) two nice 23″ brown trout. We did fish for the browns for a bit and that’s how the first one was boated. The second fish came while laker fishing. Jim wanted enough fish for his smoker and they succeeded by landing their limit of nice lakers plus the two browns. The guys like to bring up ample food and they kept me busy eating homemade venison pepperoni and bologna sticks (also made with venison.) Keep the guide happy and well-fed and he’ll keep you on fish. 😉 Fish remain in around 77′ to 100′ of water. There are plenty of fish and some baitfish deeper too.

8/24 was a full-day with Pat and his daughter Maria. We started around 8 am and it was the first time I’d seen the sun on the water in days. Glad I put on some sunscreen. I warned Maria ;-). Action was very good right off the blocks. I spent around 1/2 hour teaching them the technique. It didn’t take long before Maria was into a nice 28″ fish. Action was steady throughout the day with Pat losing a small landlocked salmon right off the bat. All in all at least 9 nice lakers were landed – most of them over 25″. We quit a little bit early because Maria didn’t heed my advice on sunscreen. By 11 am she was feeling it and by 1 pm she was pretty red. Best fishing (again) was from around 80′ to 100′ of water. Plenty of bait and fish all through the area. I tried a little fishing on my own after the trip ended and was rewarded with a severe thunderstorm! I got about 20 minutes of jigging in when I heard a rumble and saw some lightning. I headed back in. The storm was outrageous with wind gusts probably over 50 mph! Tons of lightning too.