Cayuga/Taughannock 9/11


I got out with my friend Willy for a quick 2 hours (before the weather forced us to pack it up.) We did some experimenting for browns using the fly-rods. Nothing doing – though I’m absolutely sure that we can score on some of these big browns fly-fishing if we get the right conditions – like wind!) We spent about an hour jigging lakers and marked a lot of fish below us and reluctantly moving for the jigs. We each missed a few hits and I managed to land one decent fish around 25″. The best laker fishing on Cayuga may wind up being further away from Taughannock. Many of the fish in that area are colored up in spawning colors. Fish uplake may still be feeding a bit more. There should be good action on the point with eggsacks and floaters. Jigging spoons should also aggravate these fish into hitting. There’s still plenty of bait around. The weather was crazy for our little outing – in each direction we looked we saw different weather! Dark clouds, sun, a rainbow, rain, clear skies – weird! I’m looking forward to getting out on Owasco shortly.