Keuka Lake 6/10 + 6/11


Busy weekend guiding. Fished with Michele and her dad on Sat. They fished with me last October and had some very good lake trout fishing. The weather was cool out and windy/overcast. We didn’t have to go far for some very good lake trout fishing. Just shot out of the State Park and headed north. Plenty of fish were in 40′ to 65′ of water. Nothing huge, but great eating sized fish. They caught around a dozen fish before calling it a day on count of the cold.

Sunday was windy and sunny. Cold to start as well. Had John and Eleonore on board. Action was slow to start though they picked up a couple fish in Branchport. The wind kicked up and the fish didn’t 🙂 – so we motored over to the Bluff/Power plant area. More wind there! So we went over to the west side and picked up more lake trout. Then we went north and they bass fished for an hour or two. Bassin’ was pretty good and John landed a 16″ fish and missed a bigger one. Eleonore learned how to cast a baitcaster and caught a pickerel and dink bass on a spinnerbait. They were jonesing for more lakers so we went back to the jigging. Tough to leave the serious numbers of fish for scattered bass! Jigging picked up as the cloud cover increased and winds diminished, and they had some steady action. A thermocline appears to be setting up. The fish moved out from around 60′ to 80′ today. My temp probe goes down to 50′ and I had warm water (high 50s) down at 50′ in Branchport.

They told me how unique things happen to them fishing: 2 bass at a time when one fish expels a hooked minnow through its gills and another bass hits it! How about a bass leaping right into a boat, due to a minnow being dangled in the air hanging from the side of a boat? Well sho’ nuff, I had a new thing happen to me. I went to bleed/kill a laker I put in my livewell and accidentally stuck my finger in its mouth. I’ve done this many times and normally I just pull my hand out. Not this time! The laker just clamped on my finger like a vice-grip!!! Yeow! That hurt. Hey, I’m bleeding! First time I’ve ever had that happen – and I’ve bled out/whacked 100s of lakers. Can’t wait for our next trip together!;-)