Keuka Lake Branchport 10/1


Guide trip today with Mark on Keuka. Pretty tough bite today – not exactly sure why. We had pretty strong winds blowing into the Branchport arm. The lake was surprisingly calm out by the bluff. Lots of wild funneling action and swirling winds on these Finger Lakes with high banks! Anyways, the day started with us finding some marks/fish at the northend of Branchport. A few fish were missed and lost. We managed one 18″ laker in around 72′ of water on the retrieve. We had one hit and quick fish on then came up with a silvery scale – probably a landlocked salmon or rainbow trout. Took a run down to the south end of the lake – missed one fish and one hit. Worked there for around an hour and headed back up to Branchport. Found a few active fish and Mark nailed a 27″ beauty, again on the retrieve. Another fish or two were momentarily hooked and that was about it. Water temps were 66 at the north end and 64 south. Fish were definitely in a negative mood. We had a few fish chasing jigs but only about 5 to 10% were aggressive. Many marks just wouldn’t go. A jigging spoon might have done the trick – I don’t know! Either way, we had some action and it was a beautiful day out on the water. I just wonder how long this nice weather will last! I’ll be checking Cayuga, Seneca and Keuka again soon if I can…..