Keuka Lake Branchport 8/18


Got out on Keuka from around noon to 8 pm. Basically spent a bit of time working with my new pitching set up for bass. Had some good bass fishing with 3/4 oz. black/blue jigs with a blue Rick Clunn trailer. Found large and smallmouth bass near drop-offs in 4′ to 18′ of water. The fish were mostly shallow off weedbeds. No real big fish but I did manage some quality largemouths.

Did a little lake trout jigging as well and had a landlocked salmon come up for the jig. Jigging for me was slow despite marking good numbers of baitfish near the bluffs. I had chasers in a few different areas. Best action was near the bluffs. IMO the lake trout fishing here currently isn’t on a par with Cayuga or Owasco Lakes. I did a lot better here earlier in the season and I also tend to do better later in October as the lakers go on a feeding binge before they spawn. I’ve heard the morning bite has been good on Keuka for lakers near the bluff FWIW. Just didn’t mark many active fish. They’re around somewhere, I just couldn’t find ’em!