Keuka Lake out of Branchport 10/8


Had a fun guide trip today with Jim and his daughter Ali. We started at 8am right around Branchport and Ali picked up a couple decent lakers in around 65′ to 75′ of water. We marked a fair amount of fish and bait. We shot down to the bluff area and north and she filled her limit. Jim picked up a small laker and lost/missed a couple fish. We took a lunch break and I had them do a little casting resulting in one nice largemouth on a tube jig. Fishing overall was alright – not great but not bad. The fish appeared to be in a neutral to negative mood. H2O on Keuka is around 61/62 on the surface. One of the fish had a full stomach – lots of alewives, the others were empty. 2 were egg laden females. Keuka should pick up once the weather system changes. We shall see….BTW – the foliage is looking better by the day. Not peaking yet, but it was absolutely splendid out there today!