Keuka Lake out of Branchport 10/22


Lake trout fishing remains excellent on Keuka.

I was jonesing to get out this week after being sidelined last week with some motor issues. I used to trust mechanics with my oil changes on my Yamaha – but no longer – at least MOST mechanics. I had a guy cross thread my engine oil plug and then torque it in, effectively stripping the HOLE in the oil pan portion of my motor! Nice job. You’d think the guy would notice that the plug wasn’t going in to easily. It was a reputable place, but I don’t feel the need to trash them. I’ll take the “high road” for now 😉 It does suck to have to pay up though. My take on these issues is to do the work you can do on your motor. Let others do the stuff you can’t….I took the motor to Silver Lake Marine and those guys have been a lot of help. Best attitude regarding service I’ve seen!

Guide trip with Michele and her dad John. Fishing was very good to excellent on Keuka around the “Y” area. We were on the Penn Yan arm. Fish were active in 85′ to 110′ of water. 3/4 oz. silver and silver/pearlescent Kastmasters worked great. Many fish came on the retrieve. John managed a 29″ Keuka fish – best one I’ve seen this season (at least off my boat.) They landed around 15 fish or so and lost quite a few as well. Nasty rain out there so we cut the trip short. All parties were satisfied! I’ll have photos of the big laker up eventually. We tried some braid today as well as my usual low stretch mono. The jury really isn’t out yet on the braid. The perceived “feel” seems a little better, but whether it makes a difference in the long run I don’t know. John’s big fish fought very hard and if it wasn’t for the stretch in the mono he might have lost it. Hard to say. H2O temps on the surface are 59. Winds were ENE around 5 or less.