Keuka out of Branchport 5/28


1/2 day Guide Trip with Anthony and his son Drew. They were spending the week at Keuka Lake and wanted to learn how to jig lakers. I showed them just about everything I know and they fished hard. We started at Branchport and went over the electronics and techniques. We didn’t mark the numbers of fish I’d marked there last trip. The fish are there, but weren’t showing themselves shallow. We did mark good numbers of fish deep.

We went over to the bluff and wound up landing 3 nice fish. It was a slow day, and this was confirmed to us by the DEC Boat that was checking all the boats in the area for licenses, life-jackets and fish. But the guys learned what they needed to know and it was a good day. I talked to Drew on the phone this morning and as of around 9:30 am they’d landed 8 or 9 lakers! The weather change activated the bluff fish. That to me is what a successful guide trip is about – you may not hit the best fishing day of the season, but if you pay attention and ask plenty of questions (which I don’t mind one bit) you will learn something and hopefully alter you own future fishing success and approaches.

One thing I love about fishing Keuka Lake is that on the way home I usually stop at “Seneca Farms” in Penn Yan about 1/3rd of a mile down from Penn Yan towards Branchport. They have really good fried chicken served with corn fritters and honey! Get those and some baked beans and mashed potatoes and you’re good to go! They also serve homemade ice cream which is good. I have no affiliation with them, but I wish I did…. 😉