Keuka out of Branchport 6/20


Well today proved to me that Saturday’s slow lake trout fishing with John Sander wasn’t a fluke. I fished with Alan and his grandson Fred today. We got on the water at 7 am and worked a lot of areas with very little action. We worked the Branchport arm, Bluff area and Hammondsport with little to show for it. We picked up a couple fish within about 10 minutes up on the Penn Yan Branch and it looked as though things would turn around but they didn’t. Fish are all over the place from around 60′ to 115′. We did have quite a few chasers and a couple short hits, but fish don’t seem to be actively feeding and we didn’t find much bait.

We did a lot of experimentation trying to get some fish. You name it, we tried it! 😉 I give the guys a lot of credit for fishing hard. When fish aren’t hitting on “the chase”, deep jigging can be a difficult technique. Seneca or Cayuga would have been the call today but the wind forecasts seemed a better fit for Keuka. H2O is creeping up to 70 on the surface around the bluff and around the mid 60s south.