Lake Ontario 8/9 Hamlin/Sandy Ck. + Seneca N.End 8/10


No great shakes to report on either day. Decided on a last minute whim to shoot out to Sandy Ck. after reading some encouraging online reports re: salmon and steelhead fishing. A couple friends of mine have both had good luck out there jigging salmon so I thought I’d check out the area. I was impressed with the general structure out there and nice sloping drops – very similar to Finger Lakes, and unlike most other ports east to Oswego. As I got out it was around 4 pm and the lake had a nice westerly chop. There was fish and bait everywhere in around 80′ of water give or take. I couldn’t buy much action. Had a couple light hits and watched 5 fish at a time move for the jig and not hit it. Gobies was all I could think of! I’m sure I was marking lake trout in around 100′ on the bottom but I couldn’t buy a hit. They did move a little for the jig, but no discernable grabs. I worked 70′ to 120′. Had a trolling motor (battery hookup) malfunction at around 7pm, but the wind had died so I didn’t need it. Unfortunately the bait and marks moved out as the lake calmed down. Wish I’d given myself more time and arrived early but that’s the way it goes….The lower creek looked like good bass/bowfin water.

Seneca Lake was an “add-on” since I needed to get a couple things on my trolling motor taken care of at Barrett Marine. I needed to trailer the boat up there, so I might as well fish a couple hours. I marked bait and lakers on the north end flats in around 70′ of water. A couple light hits but no great takers. Shot into Glass Factory Bay and threw some super-flukes for bass. Milfoil city up there! Saw one nice albeit fungused up pike. Missed/lost 3 or 4 smallies (nothing great size-wise) and landed one around 13″. That was pretty much it. I may get back out on this lake soon again for lakers and bass. My guess is the best bassin’ is probably further south, as they do tend to migrate south as the season progresses. The lake kicked up with possible t-storms forming, so I decided to head in.