Lake Ontario/Sodus Bay 6/1


Finally made it out to Lake Ontario with my good buddy Terry. First trip this season. Had to run errands this morning so we didn’t make it out till almost noon. We went out searching for trout/salmon and baitfish. We wanted to jig today. We fished a lot of nice pods of bait and marks in 40′ to 120′ of water without much luck. Moved in to around 20′ to 30′ and I had a nice rainbow trout around 4 to 5lbs follow in my tube jig. We did pick up quite a few smallmouth bass which was cool. Nice to see a bunch around and it’s a good sign for this summer’s fishing. Water temps were around 63 in shallow!

Went into the bay to search for gar and bowfins. We saw some of each and I’ll be back next week to attempt these primitives on the fly. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Bowfins rule my world and it was a trip seeing some of these fish in the shallows looking like water moccasins!

We then searched for freshwater drum aka sheepshead. Found a school of them near an island and we began casting – Terry with gear, me with flies. By this time it was getting late. I missed one as did Terry then we had to go as it was getting dark. Again, I can’t wait to get back and have at these strong fighters next week sometimes.