Otisco Lake 5/5


I had a lot of fun on Otisco Lake today, fishing from 7 am till around 3 pm. Within my first couple casts I landed a small 19″ (pickerel sized) Tiger Musky. A good sign for the future. Bass were the story of the day, especially the smallmouths which were hitting with reckless abandon. My Rattlin’ Rogue was getting crushed by nice smallies measuring up to 18″. I spent most of the day fishing solely for muskies, using a TyGer wire leader on a smallish jerkbait. I landed a 27″ Tiger around 10 am. They are exhilarating fighters – kind of like a pike crossbred with a salmon! My tiger cleared the water with a nice boatside jump. Other species caught incl. yellow perch, white perch and plenty of largemouth bass. I missed a couple of hellacious (sp?) hits – likely big smallmouths or possibly Tigers too. Water temps were around 57 degrees. Around 5 or 6 other boats were on the lake. FYI – The launch fee is $9 at the south shore Marina. I bought a season launch pass – I expect to be out here a lot this year.