Owasco Lake 12/11


Got out on Owasco from around 11 am till dark. I was the only one on the lake today. My goal was to learn to fish a couple new lures I acquired. In the process I was hoping to get some walleyes and northerns. Pike fishing was quite good and I encountered northerns nearly everywhere I fished, with the surprising exception of the lake’s south end. Fish were small to medium sized – around 20″ to 29″, though due to a tackle malfunction (a hook coming off a lure) I lost the biggest one of the day I’d hooked – probably around 32″. Water temps are cold – 43 degrees. A lot of weeds have disappeared since I was last on this lake maybe 3 weeks ago. It was a beautiful gray day out there and I wish I could have fished a lot longer. I really just scratched the surface of the lake, fishing a couple small areas.