Owasco Lake 6/4


Guide trip on Owasco with Gordon. Nice Upstate NY weather today – rain, overcast and more rain. We did have a few nice breaks in the weather. I was hoping to jig lakers today, but the bite just wasn’t on for us. Had one fish chase a jig right off the bat, but it went downhill from there. The backup plan was to cast alewife colored tube jigs along shore, concentrating on points. Gordon had some very good “bursts” of fishing on the tube. He landed a chunky 23″ walleye that was probably close to 4lbs, a couple 20″ smallmouths and a few 17″ to 18″ smallmouths as well. There were also a few rockbass around. Tried some pike fishing for an hour or so, but it was slow for us. Baitfish are non-existent save for a few schools on the northwestern portion of the lake and some fish in very deep water. The walleye didn’t have anything in its stomach. The lake color is very “fishy” and nice. The nighttime walleye bite should be very good. Water temps on the surface ranged from low 50s to low 60s.