Owasco Lake 6/5


Fished another day with Cedric. The wind started up as a southerly around 10 mph. He’s staying on the lake for a week and wanted a tour – so that’s what I did. He found some great areas with a lot of walleye potential. Pike were the active fish of the day and he landed 4 of them and had a couple others hit. Fish were average size – 23″ to 26″. A nice 13″ perch was landed. No sign of bass where we were. I did some fishing and lucked into a fat 23″ walleye! It hit a white X-rap in weeds in around 4′ of water during midday. Ced’s fish came on spinnerbaits and a husky jerk. H2O is at 62/63. There’s some bait around. I didn’t mark many lakers on the north end or very deep – so they are probably “in between”. On Sunday night Ced nailed 7 walleyes night fishing off his cottage’s dock casting jerkbaits into 40′ of water! So the ‘eyes are active and hungry. Last night he struck out on ‘eyes but got a big smallie. By 2 pm the wind was whipping out of the north and the lake was whitecapping like something fierce! Nasty!!!

Owasco Lake walleye