Owasco Lake 8/17


Great fishing today with my former fishing class student Andrew and his dad “Sak”. I need to thank them for giving me mom’s great recipe for “Graw Pow” – a fantastic Thai dish! We started at 8 am today so the guys could get some breakfast and relax a bit. It didn’t bother the fishing at all! Laker action was what we’ve come to expect from Owasco Lake in mid-late August – super! The guys landed around 15 nice lakers in short order. A fair number of fish were lost and hits were missed too. We had 2 beautiful bonus smallmouths – one on bottom in 85′ of water! We had a 19″ and one just under 18″. We did a drift and I saw a silvery fish clear the water by 2′! It was a nice 18″ to 19″ chunky rainbow for Andy! Way to go! We released all fish caught today except for one mortally wounded laker. Sak was hoping to outdo Andy today. I told him a brown or walleye might do it. Wouldn’t you know that on the next drift he hooks a beauty – a 27″ healthy looking brown trout! What a fight! A searing run and then lots of dogging and a few more runs. All in all a terrific AM on Owasco – and it all happened before noon! Fish range from 52′ to over 100′ of water. Our best action was around 85′. What a fun lake! The few brown and rainbow yearlings that survive the hungry laker/walleye gauntlet grow up to be nice fish! We heard from reliable sources of a 30″ brown taken recently as well.